1. If you have lots going on in your life - manage everything

The uCaring.com smart phone app and web service can put you in the know:
Make, manage, & handle your obligations, and changes to schedules and obligations to family,
friends, coworkers, the people in your life at home, school, work, play, teams, causes, etc.
If you need more information, more accountability, if you need to know what's going on, and
where, you can use our models, add your people, define the important places, the events, and the rules to detect, verify, and respond to events with the right predefined decisions. Know what you need to know, good or bad, and decide how you want to respond and let the system respond immediately. Here are some ideas you can use. When Grandma is out of bed early have the system call to remind her to take her meds When you feel at risk, use WatchMe to keep safe, and tell trusted people when you feel at risk When in Danger, Rescue will crowd source your safety network and dispatch nearby members When my child is not where he/she should be, notify me and nearby safety network members uCaring event-driven services are for individuals, groups, neighborhoods, School Campuses, and commercial and retail businesses. Use our models or build your custom solution model and put it into our 3rd party library

2. If you manage people - Event-Driven Management is automated

Empower Management, Owners, Tenants, Customers, Followers, and Members Manage business, drive Mission, Goals, promote employee Safety, Caring, Humanity, and Productivity.

Commercial Property Management; Enable Campus Safety as well as Public Place and Transit System safety solutions by monitoring and verifying events to ensure that the right person is in the right place doing the right things to produce the right result and outcomes

3. If you need Group Productivity & Accountability - automate it

The uCaring.com Managed Group Services offer business process support for automated
event-based task-level accountability - the right person with the right skills at the right place at the right time. Conditional logic manages change, notification, seeks best outcomes, escalates to notify, as predefined.

4. If you want to be and do more - use our micro steps

The basic formula is to determine who you are and where you are, as well as the person you
want to be and where you want to be, and then define the micro-steps needed to move forward on a path that will get you there. Along the way, build the habits, reputation, and skills you need for each step. Share your progress and make time for helping others start their journey.
Post your progress, sharing your story and inspiration with others.

5. If you are a Care Giver - automate patient engagement

Care Givers need all the help we can offer. In the USA alone there are 44 million unpaid
family care givers. They face a heavy burden trying to manage their responsibilities, half of them work, and care for their own families. Care Givers never have enough time or money or sleep. Always exhausted they face more illness and higher death rates. Tell a Care Giver you know about our services. For the Family Home Care Giver we offer free services for a family
with up to seven members.

6. If you are being gamed or harmed, then do something different

Sometimes people are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing. We are not being recognized,
rewarded, promoted, whatever. If it's our made a mistake, make it right, if we were miss-lead, we move on when we can. Life does not just happen, when something good or bad happens, most of the time someone is making it happen. We offer Geo-Blogging where you can, you should, blog your experience using a Geo-Location-Blog or a Geo-Company-Blog. Your blog is not anonymous, so be accurate, just the facts, no exaggeration, nothing evil or threatening.

7. If you hear or witness harm, threats, to people or property - report it.

The uCaring.com Geo-Report Service allows you to instantly report what you witness to
nearby registered users, registered businesses, and any security or Samaritans monitoring Geo-Tags for your location. You can also use your uCaring Rescue service to alert still more
people, and call 911 when appropriate.

8. If you are aware of any wrong-doing, take action

Use uCaring.com services to document what you know, when you know it, and who you
shared with. Work your way out of danger and report what you know as soon as possible to authorities. Use Geo-Reporting, messaging, 911 or agencies, if time is critical.

9. If you are tired of the Victim game, then help change the game

Think of uCaring.com as a new kind of reality game. The reality is the Victim game is too
abusive to ignore. The new game then is about uncovering and unseating Predators. The uCaring platform can challenge the Victim game from the bottom up. The old Victim game is
played by people who overpowers or out maneuvers their victims. The victims often know predators are abusing them, eating their lunch and drinking their blood, in the form of over paying for everything they consume to the taxes they pay, to special rules that favor a few and further disadvantage the victim.

Join uCaring reality team and do what you can to make a difference

Build your Safety Network by inviting 4-6+ people every place you go Help Family, Friends build Safety Networks for when you're not there Take care of People Home Alone After you and the people you care about have safety networks, and you are on the way to safer schools and communities, start training for the new reality game. Play the new uCaring reality game to win back your life, your rights, your future.

Safety Frees Up Your Mind and your Time TO DO THE RIGHT THING

Keeping safe while offering safety and fairness to others
Our future depends on people helping people everywhere

Addressing persistent Social Problems
Stop bullying, abuse, violence, and sexual assault, NOW

Be Productive and Accountable
We can do more, be more, and we need to know how

Businesses Productivity and Accountability
We can do more, be more, and we must be competitive

Keeping work places, School Campuses and Public
Places Safe It's easier to stand up for what's right, together

Making your life happen for you, not to you
It's powerful to learn how to decide in your favor, decide to learn, plan, do the right thing

Making Your Life Better Is Your Job

Manage your time, resources, and obligations with event processing Manage everything important you at home, work, and play

Knowing is Critical

Automated rules remotely engage and manage people, property, and business processes, responding to your rules for acceptable outcomes, keeping you informed about problems.

Managing Property

Monitor and manage Property Staff, Security, Maintenance, Contractors, Residents, and Customers. Accountability at the task level reduces operating cost, liability, and identifies problem makers.

Managing Business Processes

Monitor and manage business operations.
Accountability at the task level reduces operating cost and increases customer satisfaction

Managing Home Health Care Public Safety Solutions

Automated services care for and engage patients and children when home alone Remote management for care giving to seniors, patients, post-op, rehab

Public Safety Solutions Ready to deploy: Schools - Public Places - People

School Campus Safety; Public Place Safety for Parks, Building, Events; Transit System Safety; Accountability Management for Early Release, Conditional Release: Care Management Solution for enhanced remote engagement between visits


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To deliver their content for helping people manage their lives We need volunteers to help us manage forums, blogs, and social comment


To deliver their content for helping people manage their lives We need volunteers to help us manage forums, blogs, and social comment

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