….. message sent to the White House

January 16th, 2013 – from uCaring.com to the White House

To President Obama at the White House: 

Thank You for asking for our comments: 

Being safe at home, school, and work is a right denied to too many. 

We set a goal to develop web services that can help keep everyone everywhere safer.  

Those services are available now; free to everyone at risk.  

Mr. President, you can help!   

Test our services.

Confirm our claims for value and effectiveness.

Then with confidence, you can do the right thing by letting people everywhere know about us and about our services. See details below.

Again, Thank You, Mr. President, for asking and listening.  We hope for your questions and feedback.  Sincerely, uCaring.com 


About us:

We want people to be free from violence and injustice in their lives; we offer services to get us there.


About our Services:

Our Safety Networks help keep people safe all day; at work, school, play, and home by accessing uCaring.com web services with your phones, laptops, and PCs.


About you:

If not you, who will look out for and protect the people you care about?  

The answer is almost everyone just invite them to join your Safety Network so they can be reached when you are nearby.



-           Peace of mind.  Safety Network members can be seconds away from helping you or a loved one when you are not there.

-           Fast is good.  Nearby Safety Network members are instantly notified when you or a loved one asks for help.

-           Stay in control.  Getting help fast enough can stop abuse, bullying, and violence before harm is done. 

-           Know that you are not alone.  Touch a button to know how many Safety Network members are close by. 


Doing the right thing:

-           It’s up to you.  We make it easier and safer for you to do the right thing.

-           Together: We make it easier and safer to stand up together.

-           Together: We can keep abusers from isolating you, from being anonymous, from harming and intimidating.

-           You, as a victim, witness, or worried parent or spouse help can know help is seconds away.

-           Build your Safety Network today.  


These services are free for personal use for you and for the people you care about. 

Additional services are available to support groups: family, neighborhoods, schools, clubs, teams, work groups, branch offices, outside and remote workers, and much more.

Go to uCaring.com and get started today – how about now – uCaring.com

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